SSNAPP Cares provides immediate economic relief to local communities, enabling businesses to receive much needed financial assistance directly from their loyal customer base.


COVID-19 has taken a toll on all businesses big or small, making it challenging for some of them to survive this recession.


Businesses have had to come up with new ways to do business and fulfill their customer’s needs.

Yes there is a government stimulus package for businesses. However, most independent local businesses are not receiving any benefits from it because they either do no qualify or their income level is just not enough.


This is why SSNAPP Cares was created to provide businesses with a community stimulus loyalty program that provides ordinary customers the ability to support businesses in their local community. Customers are able to support their favorite businesses by allocating funds directly to those businesses in return for future store credit that is often greater than their initial contribution.

Future Store Credits

Future Store Credit Programs are designed to help businesses raise funds from their loyal customers and community in exchange of future discounted services.


Customers can support their favorite businesses by allocating funds in exchange for future store credit equal to or greater than the amount.

Benefits to the Community

Become a part of the community that is united for a common goal of bringing back the economy.

Get special discounts through future store credits.

Benefits to the Business

Businesses are able to Receive Cash immediately from their current loyal customers

Keeps the businesses customers engaged through the pandemic

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Employee Community Stimulus Loyalty Program

Employees can also support their businesses by engaging their loyal customers through the SSNAPP Cares Community Stimulus Loyalty Program.