The SSNAPP Cares Stimulus Loyalty Program provides ordinary customers the ability to support struggling businesses in their local community. Customers are able to support their favorite businesses by allocating funds directly to those businesses in return for future store credit that is often larger than their initial contribution.


Think of it as a “Thank you for your service” or a tip in advance.

The SSNAPP Cares Community Stimulus Program uses the SSNAPP Software Platform capability to create a trackable and traceable Future Store Credit plus Employee Programs.


To find out more about the SSNAPP Software Platform go to SSNAPP.info

SSNAPP Cares is a Soical Media Gateways, Inc. Platform


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What is SSNAPP Platform?

  • Increase revenues by increasing the customer’s visits and expanding to new customers through Organic Influence on their networks


  • SSNAPP Influencer Marketing platform increase brand awareness thorough social loyalty and turns Organic Influence into a marketing sales force that drive new and repeat business


  • Transform your existing offers into smart offers that are shareable and trackable


Read more about SSNAPP at SSNAPP.info

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About Social Media Gateways, Inc.

  • Social Media Gateways, Inc. was started in 2012 by an experienced team of founders and advisors in marketing, analytics, and enterprise software space.


  • Since then, Social Media Gateways has been creating cutting edge software solutions including a social commerce network that bridges sCommerce all over the world.


  • From Africa to the Americas, Social Media Gateways provides solutions that connect businesses to their customers, regardless of their geographical location or interests.


  • SMG uses the power of influencers to drive business and sales to businesses. With its proven, award winning platforms, SMG builds digital footprint through influencer marketing and creates gateways to a lot more opportunities.

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