What happens if the business I wish to support is unable to receive my funds (i.e., not in business anymore, unreachable, or does not need the assistance)?

  • You will immediately receive a full 100% refund of your money.


How do I know that the business has received my funds?

  • SSNAPP Cares automatically contacts the selected business using the contact information you supplied.


  • Our Customer Care department follows up with a confirmation call to the business.


  • Once the business has been confirmed, an email is sent to you indicating that your funds have been transferred to the business you designated.


  • Your Store Credit Certificate is generated and emailed to you.


How do I receive my Store Credit Certificate?

  • Once the business you designate accepts your assistance, your Store Credit Certificate is emailed to you.


  • You can use your Store Credit when the lockdown is over and the business has reopened.

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